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Damit der Support sofort weiГ worum es geht. Beim Black Jack werden Zusatzchancen vergeben. Eine gut funktionierende Software muss nГmlich erst einmal programmiert und etabliert werden und fГr die Spieler ergeben sich ebenfalls viel grГГere UmstГnde, obwohl ich eigentlich!


Der Schweizer Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger spielt bei PokerStars bislang ein Wahnsinns-Jahr. Seine Cashgame-Gewinne auf den High-Stakes. Linus Alarik Löliger ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler. Linus „LlinusLLove“ Loeliger (BB): ( bb). Pre-Flop: () 4 players fold, Amadi_ (SB) calls , LLinusLLove (BB) checks.

Poker Gossip: wann2play disqualifiziert, $317K für Löliger

LLinusLLove Pokerspieler-Profil, LLinusLLove Online-Poker-Platzierungen und Internet-Pokerspieler-Statistiken auf pokerstars. Multi-Tisch: Linus „LlinusLLove“ Loeliger (BB): ( bb). Pre-Flop: () 4 players fold, Amadi_ (SB) calls , LLinusLLove (BB) checks. Linus Alarik Löliger ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler.

Llinusllove LLinusLLove’s high stakes results Video

LLinusLLove - Pot Control - GTO Analysis

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It's good to see that LLinus' c-betting strategy lines up well with what Alex teaches in his course and what he recommended in the previous parts in this series.

It's also good to see that LLinus has clearly been working on this part of his game. That means the strategies you've learned throughout this series aren't something people knew 3 or 5 years ago, and you might be the only player making these adjustments in your games.

Finally, it seems that LLinus has been moving his strategies closer to GTO over the last few years, and he's playing a very solid game when it comes to c-betting on the flop I'm gonna put it to you over [the Play Like LLinus course] that he's just done an incredibly good job at selling this story.

Actually, he's exploiting the games he's playing in quite subtle but sometimes quite brutal ways, and he's doing that very impressively.

Although the game is so simple maybe it's an easier game to memorise anyway. It's legally used as a study and review tool. But in principle, it's very possible to have instagto or a private instagto-like program up on another computer and reference solutions while playing.

In hypers and spins maybe not so much because the timebank is so short, but in a game like 6max cash, certainly. I actually am fairly convinced gto in husngs and spins is much more complex than gto in cash and mtts, but the thing with cash and mtts is there's a much wider variety of spots.

In hu hypers though, for example, the ranges are so wide that the strategies are inhumanly mixed and complex to a much greater degree than the cash and mtt sims I've seen.

Wow that InstaGTO program is dogshit. However, it does seem to provide the preflop GTO solutions for free, so perhaps I'll screen shot some of those for reference.

It's not incoherent at all. You can check the gto solution for any husng or spin spot within 30 seconds solved to decent accuracy with a bunch of sizes.

Further, you can batch upload your hands and it will run the hhs vs pio and highlight mistakes for you. Just because you don't understand how the program works doesn't mean it's dogshit lmao.

And yes, there are some annoying QoL things, but that doesn't make the program less powerful. Okay after 30 minutes I was able to load hands from database.

Had to change my monitor resolution 4 times to get around the massive un-resizable windows that are impossible to navigate.

Better be careful not to click maximize window or the program will crash, lmao. I'm not saying I've seen the software Linus uses, I'm just saying I've seen a real time demonstration of very strong and relatively quick software.

Is it frowned upon to memorize optimal plays? Obviously it is cheating to use them in play, but what about memorizing situations before playing?

No, that's just part of studying the game. But it's not possible to memorize the optimal strategy for every combo on every runout of just one flop situation, let alone all of them, so you have to just try to approximate them based on patterns you learn.

Having the solutions at hand during play is a huge advantage. Also I have a video of him kinda snapping off Henrik with K-high rather quickly in a nasty spot.

Now, that is not to say LLinus is or isn't cheating--I don't think being even a world class player is incentive NOT to cheat--but watching him play in settings where he doesn't have access to a solver, he plays extremely, extremely well and takes lines that require a world-class level of theoretical knowledge.

Poker is subjective. Even with a GTO solver, you can't guarantee an opponents pre flop range is what you estimated it to be, meaning 'mistakes'.

Even the fastest computers can't run enough bet sizes on enough boards to play GTO 'without mistakes'. I thought it odd that he doesn't play live at all as well as his online stats show.

But when he analyzed his live play it was way off optimal. Probably because online he just uses a solver and of course when you input his hands into a solver it comes up as optimal.

Utilize every possible edge to maximize your winnings. Playing against opponents with no reads or statistics is a secure way to lose money. Never play unknown opponents again.

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Poker News. We don't want to spoil it for you, you can watch the full video below: Do you think Linus really uses prohibited tools or is he simply this good?

Printer-friendly version. View the discussion thread. Search this site:. Poker Online News Logibet. Poker Strategy Articles What happened to the legends of online poker?

PokerStars finds 1,5 year old bug in micro stakes PLO rake calculation. All-in Kitchen - PokerStars launches the world's first 'pay by poker' restaurant.

The 20 most important features a poker player needs to possess. Beginners Poker Tips: Planning a Hand. LLinusLLove was in high school when he discovered he could play better than most people.

He knew even before he could play online that he was going to be a success. So, when he turned 18 years old, he decided that's what he was going to do.

He had an internship very briefly in an IT department, but then decided there was only one way to become what PokerStars would eventually call an All Star.

Just my lap top and a one-way ticket," he said. That's a bit more of a mystery. There are people out there who know who LLinusLLove is, but he's not about to reveal much more than he has to.

Linus “LLinusLLove” Loeliger: from $10NL Bankroll Challenge to $, WCOOP $25k High Roller Win. Ryan Riess had beaten 6, entrants to become the World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event winner, Daniel Negreanu had won the WSOP Player of the Year award for an unprecedented second time, and a young poker enthusiast from Switzerland decided to. A couple hands after the recent elimination, Linus "LLinusLLove" Loeliger was all-in from the small blind and faced big stack Jean-Francois "bmwmcoupe" Talbot in the big blind. LLinusLLove Poker Statistics Statistics includes scheduled PokerStars MTT poker tournaments and PokerStars SNG tournaments. (SNG min. 36 players). * Please see coverage for what tournaments are tracked and included. Supported Sites:. That there appear the square boxes on the paper which makes a grid on this paper. So, throughout [the LLinus course] I'm going to start looking at his game after he checks back the Blackjack Karten Zählen and we're going to start seeing that perhaps not is all as it seems. Is LlinusLlove a cheater? Llinusllove is for the people who draw the on the basis of inches. That dude is a massive GTO nerd in live play too. No, that's just part of studying the game. Having the solutions at hand during play is a huge advantage. Know your opponent When it comes to online poker you play against thousands of different opponents. Lol I wish there were more bots. And to me settles Realstreamunited.Com issue untill any real evidence is Bwin Kündigen to the table. Better be careful not to click maximize window or the program will crash, lmao. Hand Reviews. Here below we are going to provide you with the various kinds of templates which can be easily printed by you. Mai 0. April 0. Dabei ereignete sich im
Llinusllove Linus Alarik Löliger ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler. LLinusLLovePokerStars. Wohnort, Schweiz Schweiz · Pokerturniere. Höchstes Live-Preisgeld, 0'' $. Gesamtes Live-Preisgeld, 1'' $. Letzte Aktualisierung: Mai Linus Alarik Löliger (* oder ) ist ein professioneller Schweizer Pokerspieler. #LLinusLLove Loeliger vince il main event #PokerMasters LLinusLLove e Charlie Carrel vencem nas Triton Series em Londres, confere as ➡. Der Schweizer Linus „LLinusLLove“ Löliger spielt bei PokerStars bislang ein Wahnsinns-Jahr. Seine Cashgame-Gewinne auf den High-Stakes.

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Sulsky fand dennoch Gelegenheit, sich bei seinem Kontrahenten für den verlorenen Pot zu rächen. However, it's a format in Bitcoin Usd Kurs he feels quite comfortable, more Barcelona 2021 than many cash game regs who suddenly find themselves playing stacks of 20 big blinds, unable to fully access all of the weapons at their disposal. How has LLinusLLove been crushing the games for the last few years? User Account Sign in. Bilzerian has kicked off his new role as a GGPoker ambassador with a blazing row on Twitter. The only website that fully covers high stakes poker. Find online results, player bios, poker news and even follow the games live. We use cookies in accordance with the “Cookie Notice”. Using cookies may lead to the process of you personal data. For more information about using cookies and blocking cookies in browser settings check out “Cookie Notice” here. Linus Loeliger, better knowns as his PokerStars moniker LLinusLLove, is a Swiss professional poker player. His exact date of birth is not public, his Wikipedia page simply states he was born in either or LLinusLLove is known as one of the greatest online cash game players in the world. Linus Loeliger is a year old Swiss pro with a few Hendon Mob results recorded, but no sign that he would be the same person who has worked his way up through the ranks of the online grinders, featuring his 2+2 post which saw him ‘attempting to run his $ bankroll from NL10 up to NL by the end of the year.’. How has LLinusLLove been crushing the games for the last few years? Everyone has had access to solvers for years and the games have never been tougher, so how has he managed to have a graph like this.

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Der Plan von Mateos ist Zuhause Im Glück Saarland folgender: Er callt und blufft den River erneut, wenn er sich nicht verbessert.


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